5. Cray Cray for RiRi

I love River Island enough as it is, but when I heard that Miss Ri Ri herself was collaborating with them my heart skipped a beat with excitement!

I waited anxiously as the live stream of her debut fashion show began! From the first utterance of ‘clique’ I was hooked! Bright neon yellow dress and tops, stripe crop tops, floaty 90,s grunge themed dresses!

My absolute favourite piece, well for me it was the statement piece of the collection due to the sheer genius of it has to be the navy skirt with demin shirt tied around it! I was hooked when I saw it and knew I had to own it!

So what did I go and do today, I only went and brought it!!!

And I LOVE IT!!!

It may have cost quite a bit but its all in the name of fashion and being able to dress slightly like RiRi herself for a while!

x Jenny



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