OOTD (Charity Meal)

Hello everyone,

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, had a bit of a ‘blog writing block’, silly brain of mine just wasn’t happy with anything I was blogging about! Luckily the #fblchat over on twitter the other day was all about ‘writers block’, being still a relatively new blogger I worry about why I wasn’t bursting with stuff to blog about. Lots of lovely bloggers replied and made me feel so much better and positive about it all :), thanks lovelies. And just like that something twigged in my mind and I’m back!

Lately all I keep posting is ‘outfits of the day’ and yes this is just another one of them. But  I thought why not, I’m blogging and that makes me happy :)

So, on Friday evening my parents and I attended a Charity Meal, for Hope and Homes; a charity that goes all around the world helping children who are in institutions such as orphanages and helping them either be placed with a new family quicker, or being reunited with their own families. Pretty amazing stuff really. Check them out at Hopeandhomes.org 

The meal was lovely, I devoured a gorgeous spaghetti carbonara and mouthwatering warm chocolate brownie and vanilla ice cream. There was also a raffle, and when I say I never win anything, I mean it, I NEVER WIN ANYTHING!  Things must be looking up, as I only went and won a prize, pretty lucky prize really, being t-total and the last prize being a mahoosize bottle of Shloer yummy!! And my Mum also won a gift card for a meal worth £35 which fab (more chocolate brownies please)!

Charity Meal


I thought it would a good idea to dig out my chunky black heels from the shop that I seem to buy all my shoes from NEW LOOK.

I haven’t worn heels in quite a while and my feet, well my toes actually were killing me by the end of the evening. I seem to keep going back to this TOPSHOP dress, its just so darn pretty, to add some colour to my grey and black outfit I paired it with a pastel pink cardigan from PRIMARK  and my spiked pink and bronze layered necklace from TOPSHOP. Oh and how could I forget my ‘J’ necklace which I think is just so cute and delicate, compared to my spiked monster necklace.

I had even more bling in my ears too but unfortunately feather brains here didn’t photograph. Not to worry, I’m planning a major jewellery post soon just to show how much I love jewellery, especially from TOPSHOP.

I have also had a play around with the fonts and colouring of my blog, so it will most probably change over the next few days as I trial out some ideas. I think things are finally falling into place now, in terms of my blogging style yay!!!!! 

x Jenny



    • April 28, 2013 / 9:09 pm

      It’s my absolute favourite at the moment have to try not to wear it all the time for all my blog posts! Hehe x

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