OOTD: Tribal Dress, Leather, Converse

As some of you may have seen I tend to post quite a few Outfit of the Day Posts. I’ve mainly kept the photos as montages and close ups. This is something I did as a way to build up my confidence. I find myself becoming really self conscious in front of a camera. I see all these other amazing blogs with absolutely fab outfit posts, full length and detailed.

Today was the day I decided to take a leap, plant myself in front of my camera and tripod, grit my teeth with the patience I need to wait for the self timer to tick tick tick… And here are the results:

Tribal Dress 1

Tribal dress 3 (bag)

Tribal Dress 2 (close up)

Tribal Dress 5 (Side)

tribal dress 4 (converse)

tribal dress (sunglasses)

Tribal Dress (Bracelet)

Tribal Dress (necklace)

Sunglasses: TOPSHOP £16.00

Necklace: TOPSHOP WAS £18.50 SALE (£8.50)

Bracelet: TOPSHOP £??.??

Dress: NEWLOOK £16.99

Converse: A SHOP IN SICILY (2006)

Leather Gilet: FOREVER21 £??.??

I feel that I never wear my Converse enough, and a visit to the local pub seemed like the perfect place to wear them, they are extremely comfy as any Converse wearer will know. I purchased them from a shoe shop in Cefalu, Sicily back in 2006. My first and only pair of Converse. The blue splodge on them was from a painting accident during my 2nd year at University. Set painting can be messy, another place that wearing Converse is acceptable!

This tribal print midi dress from NEWLOOK is actually one of my holiday purchases (shhhh). The weather was so warm and sunny I just had to wear it today. I really love the length of this dress, mainly because it stops just before my tattoo starts, thus drawing attention to it :) I know that sounds silly but I’ve not been able to really show it off.

(I am taking forever to write this post, mainly because The Apprentice is back woo).

I’ve mentioned my TOPSHOP sunglasses in previous posts, I LOVE THEM!!!!!! There 1950’s style strangely suits my long face! My jewellery is of course from TOPSHOP as well, my kryptonite shop. (Yes I am looking forward to Man of Steel eeeeek Henry Cavill…swoon) and Im back! I have a selection of different bracelets that have the rings attached I am addicted to them, they are so different, well different for my normal jewellery taste.

I added the leather gilet to make the outfit a bit edgy, daft I know but I like to mix bright girly pieces with leathers and studs. Whenever I go to London, well Stratford Westfield Shopping Centre to be precise I always pop into FOREVER21, and have a good spend up! Haha!

For a new style of outfit of the day post, I like to think that they will get better and my confidence will grow in front of the camera. I am in no way wanting to be a model, but just want to show the clothes I love, actually on me, not just on the hanger.

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x Jenny



  1. May 10, 2013 / 10:23 am

    great look m’dear! love your blog, new follower :) x

    • May 10, 2013 / 10:33 am

      Cheers lovely :) thanks for the follow x

  2. Carianne
    May 11, 2013 / 7:25 am

    Love it. I have the same dress but didn’t know how to really wear it. I am goin to copy you.x

    • May 13, 2013 / 7:05 pm

      Its such a nice dress isn’t it! A really chilled look with the converse! Go for it :) x

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