Planning Ahead!

As I have mentioned in some of my previous posts I am off on holiday to Tenerife very soon! For a whole 10 days! Being away for so long means that I will most probably be too busy soaking up the sun to post (I promise to send some back here for you lot), so I decided to write up some small blog posts to keep momentum with my blog, nobody wants to have a silent blog for 10 days!

This weekend I’ve been busy getting everything sorted! And when I say I have been busy I mean that my Mum has been busy ironing and getting any last minute washing done. I’ve been planning outfits and writing blog posts! hehe! I’ve also been giving my gorgeous Bambi lots of hugs and tummy rubs as I know she is going to miss us loads! She will go on lots of walkies with my Dad but its not the same. Im going to miss her so much <3

I very neatly organised my outfits and all the bits and bobs I’ll need to fit into my suitcase, which in all honestly is probably too small but I somehow managed to fit everything in.


I am still shocked that I was able to fit everything in! Normally I find I pack so much stuff, so much that probably won’t  be worn.

I am taking my camera with me on holiday! Of course to get some lovely snaps of our hotel and any day trips, but also to get lots of OOTD’s, so I can do a holiday special set of posts when I get back, to fully showcase my holiday style. Seeing that I haven’t been on holiday in 7 years I’ve been saving all my summer style for this one! :) yay!!! Expect lots of midi dresses and shorts and tee combos!

My make up for the holiday will stay pretty natural, some nice bronze eye colours for the evening and some new BB cream that I purchased the other day! Can’t wait to try it out, Im normally one who likes to cover up as my skin is ‘okay’ but has its moments, so trying out a lighter product like a BB cream will be a nice change.

As for my nails, I’m still debating on what to do! My toes will be a block neon, you know just to be a bit on trend for summer! And my finger nails are going to be some form of WAH! Nail art design, but I’m gonna be painting them at the hotel tomorrow as we are staying over before our flight, so look out for them over on my Instagram tomorrow eve :) (link in the side bar>>>>)

Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely few weeks, I’ll send some sun back for you, and keep an eye out for my ‘robot Jenny’ blog posts coming out on 12th/15th/17th/20th June, a link will be sent to my twitter too! But if I don’t reply straight away I promise I’m not ignoring you!!

x Jenny


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