Soooo.. I went into Boots…..

Isn’t that the start of a sentence that everyone continues with the same phrase! I went into Boots…. and came out with x y and z oh and b and c…

In my case I went into Boots with my Mum to get her some paracetamol and came out with 3 nail varnishes and an iTunes voucher! Typical Jenny right there.

I am however not feeling too guilty about my nail varnish purchases as I absolutely adore them, just some simple block colours from the Maybelline COLORSHOW range.

MaybellineThese colours are just so ‘pop’ either being blank as a statement nail or used to create nail art. The ‘moss’ green is perfect for leaf details on floral designs, not too bright and in your face. A more natural colour.

I’ve been needing to replace my Rimmel ‘Sunshine’ Yellow for quite sometime, its so near the bottom I can hardly believe I’ve was able to use it for my latest leopard ombre nails. This ‘Electric Yellow’ was the perfect replacement, and the price was great too at just £2.99 I’d say these were an absolute bargain when it comes to nail varnishes.

While looking at the various colours this range has to offer I spotted 2, yes 2 new sets of colours. Holographic and Leather Look. These intrigued me a lot. Especially the ‘leather look’, I think I will definitely be picking up a couple of these next time I pop into Boots or Superdrug, whatever takes my fancy!

I also wanted to show off my new necklace I brought yesterday, another Primark ‘steal’ at just £4! I was again pleasantly surprised by the quality. Being a Topshop lover, oh alright I’m obsessed with them, I tend to buy the majority (all of) my jewellery there. This necklace from Primark is pretty darn close to the type of things you can find in Topshop lately. Chunky, spiky, yet still feminine.



Isn’t it just adorable! I’m also trying out a new way to style my photo’s, by having this photo album style frame around it, to be honest I’m not to sure I like how it looks, what  do you think? I would love some feedback.

Look forward to my next post, going to be finally featuring some of my nail art designs, and the process that happens when I go from my brain, to paper to nail. (I used to just make them up, oh haven’t I changed!)

Hope you have liked this mini post, I was just so excited to chow off my new nail varnishes and my super cute necklace. Now to decide what to wear it with.

x Jenny






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