The day I went to Dublin, it was indeed ‘grand’!

Hello everyone, hope you are all well!

Last weekend my Mum and I went to Dublin! For me it was my first time there, and can I just say that being a tiny bit excited was an understatement! I was like a kid in a sweet shop! Eeeeee!!!! It wasn’t just for the fact we were going to Dublin, but also that we were going to see Paramore. I LOVE THEM!!!

Dublin itself if beautiful! We spent our time in Temple Bar, which is a mix of Soho & Camden, my ideal type of place, quirky shops, cool bars and pubs and pretty awesome street art.


Just down from our hotel alongside the Liffey, there is the ‘Potato Famine Sculptures’, which really are quite sad, just to image the true reality of what the sculptures represent, the most harrowing is that of a man carrying his child over this shoulders.


While walking into Dublin on our first day there, I spotted a ‘Beauty Bus’, parked up across the road, I’ve seen these type of open top buses while browsing at various festival instagram feeds, this one was for the Dublin Fashion Festival, that unknown to me was hitting Dublin between 5th & 8th Sept, just 2 days after we were due to leave. I dragged Mum across the road to investigate. Inside I was treated to a mini make over by one of the lovely make up artists at LA Creative, I got some gorgeous peach blusher and  contoured features, and some luscious lips to go with it.

IMG_6682_Fotor_Fotor_Collage(Make Up by Therese Mc Menamy for LA CREATIVE)

I of course went a bit shopping mad, I mean I didn’t buy like loads and loads, but for such a short amount of time we were there I did come back with a fair bit. (Which I will go into more detail in a future post), but for now I can just show off the evidence haha the bags.


Now to the actual reason we were in Dublin… Paramore. What can I say really, they were bloomin amazing! I had a very croaky voice afterwards, I sang along to every single song, yeah I’m one of those crazy fans that knows every single song off by heart. The amount of energy Hayley Williams has is unbelievable. We were also introduced to a new band for the supporting act. Walking on Cars, a 5 piece band from Dingle. The lead singer sounds a lot like Charlie Simpson (Fightstar/ Busted). If you are looking for new music I’d highly recommend them.  You will have to excuse the state of the photos, they were taken on my phone, but either way, if you get the chance to see Paramore live you are in for a treat!

IMG_6909_Fotor_Collage IMG_6909_Fotor_Collage2

I really enjoyed my 3 days in Dublin, both Mum and I had such a lovely time. We didn’t want to leave and have everyday since we’ve been back kept saying ‘grand’ as it really was grand! The people are so nice and everywhere we went everyone was so friendly and polite. I also fell in love with the assistant in Urban Outfitters, his accent! Oh My God!!!!! Swoooonnnnn…. hehe!!

I would highly recommend a mini break to Dublin if you have never been before, because both my Mum and I don’t drink we didn’t go on the Guinness factory tour or to any of the whisky places, but we did see a crazy looking Viking tour drive past in a cool boat/truck thing, where all the people had viking helmets on! Some of the other places we went to that I would say are definite places to visit would be:

  • St Stephens Green a gorgeous park area at the end of Grafton Street, with beautiful garden areas and two giant duck ponds, its a nice place to go sit and have a break from the hussle and bussle of shopping and walking!
  • Grafton Street, shopping heaven!
  • Brown Thomas, think Harrods of Ireland. Prepare to stare at everything, I even sneakily tried on some Christian Louboutin shoes… shhhh….
  • Beweley’s, a coffee shop gone wild! Not in that way, but in a way that it has been extended into many different levels, but still in keeping with its original features. A nice place to have a coffee and cake break.
  • Powerscourt Townhouse- home to cure boutique shops, some restaurants and a bar, the main ‘atrium’ space is truly stunning.
  • O’Connell Street, home to the Spire, an absolutely crazy structure that is very very hard to miss!  Oh and Penney’s (Primark) unlike any Primark I’ve ever seen, its clean, organised and you can actually find the things you want!! haha!
  • Trinity College, amazing to think that a university is a tourist attraction, beautiful buildings to be seen.

IMG_6698_Fotor_Fotor_Collage IMG_6698_Fotor_Fotor_Collage2

Places to eat, its safe to say you are spoilt for choice with places to eat in Dublin. Where we went:

  • Elephant & Castle, Temple Bar. Described as an American restaurant,  I’d say it was more of a mixture of foods, I had the egg’s benedict and Mum had a club sandwich.
  • Oly’s Bar & Restaurant, located in our hotel Jury’s Inn, Custom House Quay
  • Eddie Rocket’s, O’ Connell Street, an all American Diner, absolutely amazing…


I can safely say that Dublin, you were great! And you will be seeing me again!

x Jenny



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