Guest Post: Are You a Fashion Snob?

Something a little different here, my lovely friend Steph who I have known now for about 4 years now, wow 4 years! That’s crazy, oh how I miss those Uni days! Well she wondered if she could write a post for my blog! Of course I said YES! It’s always nice to have other people opinions! And why would I say no to a friend! So here it is an interesting take on affordable fashion and how by spending less doesn’t make you any less fabulous:

“Steph Grove is a fashion fanatic that works in the online marketing & social media industry. Her favourite things are tea, shoes & cats. Tweet her @steph_grove”

Why is it I feel awkward telling people that I’ve teamed my Tommy Hilfiger jeans with a tee from Matalan or one of the supermarkets? The reason of course is my apprehension about whether the person I am telling is a grade A fashion snob.

Fashion is each individual persons way of representing themselves, their taste and even their class and backgrounds. Some people are into it, some aren’t.

 Why then does this snobbery exist whereby if you are not wearing this seasons Burberry trench, but a high street version you get sneered at by certain kinds of people. As you can tell I am quite the opposite and marvel at the bargains of others as well as myself. I love the versatility of fashion and that the high street makes it accessible to the ‘average’ person. For me, the high street translates lots of key shapes, patterns and textures from the catwalk and makes them wearable for people of all shapes and sizes (not only 6 foot, skinny beauties).

Also, recreating a high fashion look from the mass produced, fast fashion outlets that our high streets and shopping centres are full of is also very achievable (I reckon me and Jenny should have a go at this as a challenge!).

Finances and the economy are the obvious reasons most mortals can’t have the latest pair of Louboutins or newest Mulberry creation (although I will DEFINITELY own one by the time I hit 30!). Designers in our favourite fashion houses do the work for you by taking the awe-inspiring yet pricey designs and turning them into something that you can buy for a tiny fraction of the price and still feel you’re working a catwalk look.

 Sorry, I’m going off topic. Back to the definition of fashion. It is a totally personal thing! Why isn’t it ok to mix the odd designer item, like my example earlier, with a less expensive, high street piece? TKMAXX is my designer mecca, I wouldn’t ever spend £80 on a tshirt, however after some careful sifting through their rails I may also be able to buy that same tshirt for £20. Surely that’s worth half an hour looking?! In my book it is anyway, and fashion from a field certainly is an advocate of this.

I recently spent some time in Manchester where the young women are some of the most fashionable and experimental in England and I really enjoyed seeing how different people styled different trends and items. I got SO many ideas, it was like reading several fashion mags every day, without the cost. These were ‘normal’ girls by the way, NOT dreaded fashion snobs.

So, my advice to this group of judgemental, label obsessed folks is to seriously live and let live! If you prefer or can afford to be head to toe in A/W13 YSL then congrats, but the majority of us can’t so please admire our ability to recreate your looks, rather than looking down your nose.

To the girls, like me that enjoy hunting round the shops for catwalk inspired pieces, and occasionally mix these with a key designer piece in the form of a watch, bag or shoes, please don’t let the FS’s (fashion snobs) bother you. High street fashion is AMAZING and enables different people with different styles to put together completely diverse, but very cool outfits. Plus, spending high street prices surely means we can buy more items! Win win!

A few of my favourite recent inexpensive, yet totally on trend items I’ve spied on the high street are below, so do let me know your thoughts or follow me at @steph_grove on Twitter. Are you a fashion snob or high street lover like myself?


As I always say, please comment below would LOVE to hear your feedback on this really interesting post! Are you indeed a Fashion Snob?! I do however think this might become a frequent thing, maybe once a month?! A ‘Steph says’ kinda thing? What do you lot think? I’d sure like to hear more of what Steph has to say! :) don’t forget to follow Steph on twitter where you can chat to her directly about this post! I will pass on any comments made though! I’ll be the middle man ( well woman)!

x Jenny




  1. October 15, 2013 / 10:56 pm

    I adore this outfit and would totally wear it! Every item in this I really like, which is unusual for me as I can be fussy!
    Lovely post! :)

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