We’re driving Cadillacs in our dreams

Yep, the really really cold weather has yet to hit the UK  and we already have the arrival of the BOOTS CHRISTMAS CATALOGUE!!! Saying this I won’t be rushing down to Boots anytime soon to pick up my ‘most wanted’ items. As much as they are reasonably priced, I’d rather wait until just after Christmas, umm I dunno, maybe brave the Boxing Day sales or just wait a while after and go hunting for my favourite items, which will be by then 75% off! Score!

Last year I purchased so much and saved so much money!! Happy times indeed! I found a really cute H! by Henry Holland set which included an eyeliner, nail varnish, nail file, necklace and lipgloss. I loved it so much I went back in a few days later and got another one for when the lipgloss ran out! Haha! It’s still sitting unopened somewhere in my room. Whoops!

So I started to flick through the catalogue, and immediately wanted like everything. I did however stumble upon from firm favourites that I will either hunt for after Christmas or they’ll go on my Christmas list. But thats ages away yet.


Yay!!! I love just having a good old browse through catalogues! Normally its an Argos one or NEXT Home, but this is just another thing completely! A place where I can get even more beauty products all packed in a fancy Christmas way! There are tonnes of these stacked up in Boots, so go pick yourself one up! Perfect for finding stocking fillers/ presents/ everyday purchases/ oh I’ve just popped into the city I think I need a new Soap and Glory mega face cleansing box set…


This CUTE OR WHAT wash bag is just adorable, I personally wouldn’t use it a a wash bag it would probably be used as a pencil case type thing. That way its always on display on my desk. I got some CUTE OR WHAT products last year and they are really nice. I’m always on the look out for ‘one off’ body products. Just to mix it up a bit! Oh and also the bag is a really sweet looking fox…. need I say more!


Every year without fail I always stock up on Fearne Cotton’s contribution, the design of the products themselves are just awesome, girly yet slightly edgy. Something that I myself try to be! Taking a plunge into the ‘nail’ trend that has surely taken over my friday evenings ha! There are lots of nail goodies to be found in this collection. Ranging from £8-£18 I’d happily buy these now, but I’m a scrimper so I’ll wait to steal a bargain when they are 75% off! hehe!


Oh look! Nail Varnish! How did you stumble onto my ‘favourites’ list! I don’t like nail varnish at all!!

butter LONDON, as much as I love nail varnish and all that, I haven’t seen these polishes before, they look pretty decent and at £12 each, must be as  good a quality as Nails Inc. which are also £12 each!

I am pleased to say that these items and some more that may have snuck in after re-looking through the catalogue have made it onto my favourites list. I know that a lot of them like the Fearne Collection do sell out really quickly over the holiday times but fingers crossed I can snap up some fab new beauty products!

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I’m heading to Westfield tomorrow to spend some birthday money, so I will hopefully (if I just ‘MAN UP’) be maybe recording my first youtube haul video?! But that just depends on whether I can stand talking to a camera knowing that I sound like a baby! goo goo gaa gaa hehe

x Jenny



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