Basically this post is me fan-girling over my FAVOURITE band! On Saturday we travelled to The O2 Arena in London to see Thirty Seconds To Mars. I had been counting down the days to this and when it hit single digits I couldn’t stop talking about the fact I was going to see them! You’d think that they way I spoke about going to see them was as if I hadn’t seen them live before….. I’ve now seen them 3 times! Which may not seem like a lot but they’ve only had 4 albums and they don’t come to the UK that often! I would like to apologise now to my work colleagues for being just a little bit more annoying that I normally am! Ha just kidding! They know I’m a bit loco!!

the o2

30 Seconds 3

The support act for the show was You Me at Six, I have to be honest I only know 2 of their songs, that being Underdog and Liquid Confidence. I also didn’t know they were a British band.. wooops sorry guys! They put on a good show and the lead singer belted out some pretty decent notes too!

Now for the main event! As always 30 Seconds were AMAZING! If I could marry Jared Leto I would! He is so SEXAYY!!! I don’t even care that he’s 41! I think I would collapse in a heap if I ever go to meet him.

They played a really good mix of songs from their new album LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS, and THIS IS WAR. They even threw in an acoustic in the moment rendition of the chorus for Attack which everyone sang along to before Jared shouted something along the lines of ‘You guys sing it, that shits too old for me to remember’!

30 Seconds to Mars

I gotta say firstly what pretty amazing seats we had, I got an email about the pre pre sale while I was on holiday (I pre ordered the album so was entitled to pre pre sale tickets), I immediately rang my Aunt who is now also know as my personal ticket buying person! hehe! To see if she could try and get tickets, she got some fab seats!

They opened with Birth the opening track to LLFD’s an epic song in its own right, Jared Leto standing on a platform with white light beaming behind him… eeeeee!!!! The second song was my favourite, Night of the Hunter, I proceeded to read the lyrics off my arm even though I know them all by heart. I was so pleased they performed that song!

During some of the songs they would play either the music video or lyric video in the background. Leto has directed most of their music videos which are more like mini movies, I really wish he was direct an actual film, or that they would score a film soundtrack. Some of their instrumental songs are just hints of what they could achieve for a film soundtrack.

Of course any gig wouldn’t be complete without giant multicoloured balloons right? Released mid song these balloons were bounced around the arena, eventually being popped to release confetti, I picked up some of this and found that on the confetti it was ‘Provehito en Album’ + ‘Help I’m trapped in a fortune cookie factory’ hehe!

During Pyres of Varanasi 2 men came onstage dressed in suits and wearing masks. Already on the stage was a giant see-saw, no springs mini trampolines, they then took it in turn to jump on the see-saw springing the other into the air, they did flips and scissor kicks! It was incredible to watch.

30 seconds see saw

Overall the whole night was amazing, I didn’t have much of a voice afterwards as

I sang along to EVERY SINGLE SONG! I spent way to much on merchandise, but it was worth it as I didn’t get a tour tee for their last tour, so this time I brought two!

outfit & merch

I wore my Topshop Project Social Made in USA tee with a New Look crop underneath showing under the arms. I wore my embellished short denim shorts again from Topshop with super thing tights and my River Island Stud Boots. For warmth I chucked on my Primark Faux Fur coat which is a staple in my winter wardrobe. The merchandise I brought was as I mention 2 tour t-shirts the black tee has the tour dates on the back, while the white has an inverted triad with the cloud design in it. I also got a tour programme which is a really nice collection of tour photos, snippets of song lyrics and behind the scenes pics. I also got a wristband, they did have it in pink but for some reason I really liked the turquoise/blue and last but not least a poster, I don’t have any posters in my room any more but this one strangely matches my room so it was a win win purchase!

I really had the best time, I was saying to my Mum (who came with me) that I could watch a show of theirs every weekend and wouldn’t get fed up! If you have never heard of 30 Seconds to Mars then might I suggest giving ‘Kings and Queens’, ‘Hurricane’, ‘Echelon’, ‘Bright Lights’ + ‘Birth’ a listen to stat! They are a nice variation of their sound.

Provehito en Altum Δ

x Jenny



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