Oh hey there Youtube! Ahhhhhh

Hey! Sorry its been a while since  my last post! As you can see I’ve had a re-design and I am now really happy with how my blog looks :) I have also been busy sorting out my room and getting rid of lots of clutter!

And…….. I’ve only gone and set up a youtube channel!! My first EVER video is up! Yep the quality is slightly naff but its all about getting the ball rolling!

I thought I’d begin my youtube journey by making a short nail art tutorial video!


I sound so weird when recorded its so cringe! But I will try and look past that as I did have fun making the video!

Here’s to many more, a nice ‘walking, talking’ side to my blog :)

Any of you guys have any tips for me? Also I’m looking into some proper lighting and a new camera! Just gotta save those monies first!!!

x Jenny



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