Pay Day Wishlist


I’ve still got to decide on my actual payday spending budget as I’m trying this new thing where I set myself a limit and then pick out certain key pieces I have my eye on to update my wardrobe, or something I’ve wanted on the sale for ages! It’s been working quite well as I’ve been able to put away savings and also still splurge a little. Which as a girl who loves to shop is great news! I won’t be buying all of these items as I also really need some new black jeans but here is my list of some of the bits I may or definitely will be purchasing come pay-day! Roll on FRIDAY!!!!

payday wishlist

1. The must have item on my pay-day wish list is this Gabby dress from Motel Rocks, it’s just sequintastic! (Yep making up words now)! At £58 I think that’s a pretty decent price for a glitzy party number like this I’ve even got a discount for signing up to their newsletter so I’m a happy bunny! I just really need something sparkly in my life and I know exactly where I’m going to wear it out to! :)

2. These ASOS leggings are so festive and because they are leggings will no doubt be super comfy. Something I know I’ll need when I’ve been stuffing my face over Xmas!

3. A PVC skirt! I do LOVE that pink one from Topshop, but I just don’t really think that the pink one will suit me, this black one from Motel Rocks is a perfect alternative. I think the slightly naughty connotations of PVC is why its become so popular, especially when teaming it with a fluffy jumper, very naughty or nice, don’t you think? If I don’t get it this month there’s always the sales to search through.

4. Cara Cara Cara… She’s the model of the moment! Just a normal girl like any of us. Also got some killer brows! This tee by “Black Score’ at Ark Clothing has just been released, its £29.99 but for the Queen would you really pay any less.

5. At £32.00 these Blonde+Blonde Boots at BANK fashion are so well the word would be UGLY! But GOOD ugly, I don’t know how its possible, I just love them the white sole normally would just look odd, but I bloomin love it! Like these boots mean business. I do like quite chunky shoes + boots so these are right up my shoe alley!

6. The original Maybelline Mascara, £4.99, the iconic pink and green bottle, just one of those everyday things really. I’m in need of a new mascara and I normally go for a lengthening, thickening extra extra blackest of blacks type of mascara, but I’m gonna save a few pennies with this one and try out this classic mascara.

Do you set yourself a spending budget on clothes and beauty bits and bobs? Or do you go all the way to a spending ban? I don’t think I could do that! I like to think you can still save for those MAJOR things you really want, for me I’m saving for a holiday with my Mum for the beginning of next year and I’m also saving for a new camera. But you can also treat yourself to some key pieces or that one luxury splurge item if you budget or keep a keen eye on the sale rack.

Also been receiving on here and on twitter some lovely comments about my recent outfit post, thank you all so much, those lovely comments really do put a smile on my face, especially when I see them on my lunch break at work.

x Jenny



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