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Helloooo again,

Another Friday nail art tutorial for you lovely lot. I thought I’d tackle a more tropical themed nail look today! I’m really into all sorts of prints this week. If you have seen my latest Styled post I’m loving daisies… seeing as I did a floral nail art last week I couldn’t really do daisies again. And my next favourite print is animal print. Leopard to be precise!

nail art leopard

1« Apply a base coat. When that is dry apply 2 coats of your base colour. I used ‘MISSGUIDED SPLASH in MISSTAKEN’.

2« When the base layer is dry, using a make up sponge or eye shadow applicator apply your first ombré layer at the base. Gentle mixing the colours. (Take a look at my YouTube video on how to get ombre nails). I used ‘MAYBELLINE COLOR SHOW in ELECTRIC YELLOW’.

3« Now for your final ombre layer. For this apply to our make up sponge half of the ‘MISSGUIDED SPLASH in MISSTAKEN’ + ‘MISSGUIDED SPLASH in MISSTIFY’. Blend these together until your are happy with the gradient.

4« Using a dotting tool dot 4-5 varied in size dots around your nail, don’t worry if they are a bit messy you will be outlining them next. I have used ‘BARRY M GELLY in GREENBERRY’.

5« Now with the smaller end of the dotting tool, or even a tooth pick outline your green dots, remember to have the outline broken to create the desired leopard print effect. Add some black dots in the gaps too.

6« To seal in the colour and protect your nail apply a top coat.


nail art leopard tools

I love this nail art look. It works with so many colour combinations, a design that can work in any season I’d say. And once you get used to doing the ombre you can create some really funky leopard nails.

I hope you have liked this tutorial, any requests for next weeks nail art? Anyone want to challenge me to a more complex design?

x Jenny



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