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Hey Lovelies,

Have I ever mentioned that I like VELVET? Okay maybe I’ve mentioned it loads!!! I found this black velvet skater dress from Topshop in the sale! THE SALE! Again with some amazing finds, I’m never this lucky when sale shopping. It really is so adorable. To save it the whole ensemble from being totally Wednesday Adams (not that I don’t mind channelling my gothic side) there is a cut out on the back adding some edge to it! I paired my cut out boots with some girly frilly socks. These pastel pink ones are just too cute.

I brought this choker necklace a little while ago, and it does look really gothic but does sorta dig into my skin a bit. Worn over a polo neck top does look a little less dangerous. But for this outfit I think I’ve managed to pull it off.

At this moment I am multitasking, and putting together todays STYLED post. If I don’t post it tonight, it will be up tomorrow morning.

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x Jenny



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