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WISHLIST 1Blonde + Blonde Clear Backpack via BANKfashion £25 | Green Heart Earring £2, Pastel Heart Necklace £15 both River Island |

Check Blazer £40, Oversized Jacket, £35 both River Island | Bright Pink Holographic Flatforms £40 River Island

I’m seriously having a River Island moment this week! Oh my god! haha! I’ve selected some of my top picks for this week from some staple jackets to ease you into Spring and some gorgeous neck candy thrown in there too.

Firstly lets start with the clear backpack, I’ve seen this in real life in Bank and its a dream! I’ve always loved the clear bag trend but I’ve always worried myself that people are gonna automatically mug me in the street when seeing the contents of my bag! Or to be honest look at me in horror at how messy my bag is! This is a fab compromise, this backpack comes with a snazzy black and white pouch where you can put all your bits and pieces while still strutting down the high street with a really cool clear bag! Win win I’d say!

Still harping on about them pastels, the 2 jewellery items fill that void. First those gorgeous pastel green earrings, for £2 why won’t you want these in your collection. The necklace is another item that I have held in my hands, its soooo PRETTY!! Wear under a collar so only the jewels can be seen or with an oversized tee and jeans, it is a statement necklace that packs a gentle punch.

The transition from Winter to Spring is a tricky one, one day its freezing the next sunshine and a light breeze, do you wear a coat or take a jacket with you just in case. For me anyway this is something that bugs me. It’s now becoming nice enough not to need a really thick coat anymore which is why I have chosen 2 oversized/boyfriend jackets, I love the look of an oversized jacket with some skinny jeans and docs. Creates the perfect casual look.

How could I not put those flatforms on my TOP PICKS list! They do in fact come in a variety of colours, if you would prefer to play it safe they do come in white and black, but with shoes like these I’d say go on be a little adventurous, think about summer time and what tropical inspired outfits can be made with these as the base.

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x Jenny



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