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Finally finished putting this post together. A few weeks ago now I went to London to meet up with a friend, which was so nice, having not seen them in almost 3 years, nothing had changed. We wanted to do something other than me just dragging him around the shops. We decided on having a look around the Victoria and Albert Museum in Kensington, I’d never been there before and have always wanted to go. Due to the size of the museum Iain let me pick with bit we were gonna spend our times looking round. Of course I said anything fashion based. We also looked around the vast jewellery collection which was AMAZING! And we also looked at the fashion photography section too.

I took a gazillion photos of the Fashion Exhibition that is on show in the Oval room of the V&A, with fashion spanning from 1750 to present day, there was so much that caught my eye! I’m going to do a photo diary post with some more images but for now here are just a few of my absolute favourite finds in the gallery.












We also stumbled upon the Jameel Prize, which is an international award for contemporary art and design inspired by Islamic tradition. All of the pieces were really stunning these structured dressed caught my eye, they reminded me of some of the outfits that Effie Trinket wears in The Hunger Games. 



If you like fashion or just art in general I would highly recommend going to the V&A Museum. It’s a really nice day out, just to get lost and walk around discovering some beautiful pieces. I felt really inspired by lots of the pieces that we came across. It also shows how much fashion is just a cycle of styles and trends that may have been long forgotten until someone inserts it into today’s styles.

I’d love to know if any of you have been to the V&A, which bits did you see and like the most?

See ya,

x Jenny

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