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Hey Lovelies,

I’m sad to say that this is the last in my Slogan Tee style series! Short but sweet eh! This outfit encompasses my style completely, I’m very much a girl who wears things that shouldn’t really go together but somehow they totally do!

These polka dot trousers from River Island are a dream to wear! So comfy, and make my butt look fab! Haha! If I had loads of money I’d buy all of the different patterns available in this cut. Being high-waisted its perfect for creating cool looks with oversized tees like my #celfie one! It even comes with a simple black with gold buckle belt which I have been using for lots of other outfits too! They are £32 but if you wait a little while you can find them for £20 scattered amongst your River Island stores! I’m on the look out for the snazzy 80’s grey print ones! Too cute!

The weather is slowly but surly getting better so that means no more heavy coats, this faux leather gillet is the perfect cover up, its super thin so if you wanted to layer it with a thin jacket over the top it doesn’t make you look like the Michelin Man!

I threw on my Docs just because they are my go to boot when I can’t think of what to wear. And I must admit I’m struggling to find the prefect shoe match for these trousers! Trial and error it is for now!

Sometimes a nice way to make you look different is with a simple braid, this side braid is edgy yet still girly.

I really hope you have all like my How to Style series. I adore my #celfie tee it really is versatile, exactly what you want in a tee! And for the price, £10 gosh Bank you’ve done it again!

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x Jenny

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