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THE SUN IS HERE! Time to dive into the back of your wardrobe, or in my case to the shops and online to update your summer wardrobe! So seeing that the sunshine is finally here I thought I’d put together some summer looks based on the ever so cool sibling duo WILD BELLE. I have picked out some of my fave pieces from LoveClothing.com which can be injected into the styles of both Natalie + Elliot! I have to say, I found some really lovely pieces to spruce up any summer/festival wardrobe.

Perhaps I should give you the low down on WILD BELLE in case you aren’t familiar with them. They are a brother and sister from Chicago, who branched out from a previous band to create WILD BELLE. Their music is very summery + soulful. Their debut album Isles was released last year and I have had it on repeat ever since, it was an impulse purchase last year. It was one of those moments when you hear only one song and just end up buying the album. Their most recognisable track is ‘Keep You’ which can be found »here« . They both have a very laid back style which to me screams über coolness and a style that can be taken to any festival or holiday destination over the summer.

wild belle natalie

I adore Natalie’s style, always mixing and clashing patterns. Stand out pieces are a must. Look out for bright crops and patterned tee’s, and don’t be afraid to clash things up. Something that I am trying to do more of lately. The Juicy Fruit Crop would look fab against some electric blue culottes, just keep your accessories simple if you are worried it will look too much!
Floaty is a perfect partner for summer, sometimes you just want to float around all whimsical with flowers in your hair. The white Mink Pink playsuit is perfect for just that, layer with boho inspired jewellery like the long dream catcher necklace. For those chilly evenings throw on a cool Camo jacket for an added hit of grunge to your boho playsuit. No matter what your style you can always make an item work for you. It’s all about what you pair it with!

wild belle elliot
Elliot’s style is sometimes a face turner, he’s been seen in some rather snazzy shirts before. When it comes to statement shirts, I personally like the look of keeping the bottom half of the outfit simple. A black pair of jeans will do the trick, turning up the ends will add some edge to the look. When wearing all over patterned shirts go for muted colours to give off that indie cool vibe like Elliot. Purples and blues create tonnes of rich texture to merit that double take! I know that throwing on some trainers might be the easiest shoe option but think like Elliot! Go for smart shoes, I found such a vast selection of boots and shoes that it was really hard to narrow it down to just a few. My favourite has to be the Paolo Vandini Pavel Cuban buckle boots, talk about ‘smooth’. Just look at them, if they made a women’s version I would totally buy those bad boys!! haha!

For us girls think floaty and free, for the guys go smart! WILD BELLE really are a fab duo both musically + in style! They compliment each other so well. I had a blast searching for pieces on LoveClothing.com, again proving that no matter what shop you can find something that suits your style. Don’t get pigeon holed into one shop thinking they are the only ones that make your style clothing. Have a look around and you can find some extra key pieces, I am so tempted with that Kitten tee crop! So cute!

x Jenny


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