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Hey Lovelies,

As a small follow-up to my Katy Perry Concert post, here’s a quick OOTD for that evening! I made a very impulsive purchase the Saturday before the show, this beautiful pastel dip dye wig from CLAIRE’S ACCESSORIES, I went in there to browse at the Katy Perry Prism jewellery collection and saw a blue and a pink wig as a display prop! My Mum and I promptly asked if they were selling them, they weren’t but they did have a couple of other wigs, on being a bob style pink one and the other this beauty! It was £25 but compared to any of the other wigs the quality was so good. On the day of the show I did freak out a bit and almost talked myself out of wearing it, but then I had an idea!!!! Why don’t I (well the Mama) cut a fringe into it, as it was just a very deep side parting and look a little to ’emo’ for me! With a few snips of the scissors in the hotel room, voila!!! My new and improved Katy Perry esq. wig!! I added my TOPSHOP floral crown just to make it a bit more ‘me’! So many people were asking me if it was my actual hair, and that the fringe made it look more realistic! It would be so freakin’ cool to have hair like this!! haha!!

To keep the look bright and colour just like Katy Perry, I wore this beautiful red, black and white floral two piece from NEW LOOK! It is so comfy and flattering, as I do get worried with midi skirts making me look really short! I paired it with my MR SHOES cut out boots and black frilly socks from PRIMARK.

See ya,

x Jenny

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  1. June 1, 2014 / 11:26 pm

    The wig is so beautiful !! For a second we thought you might have actually dyed them! But you look fabulous!

    Love, Wink n Pout
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