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Hey Lovelies,

On my recent visit to Westfield Stratford, I managed to be there the day the new Models Own Bottleshop opened!! Just the whole idea of a shop being shaped like a nail varnish bottle is just too much! All of the girls in there were so friendly and super helpful! One of them had heard of my blog too!! Which for me is like AMAZING! They had a 6 for £20 offer, so I thought I might as well pick up some bits, 3 being the Polish For Tans collection! I also picked up the new Hyper Gel Topcoat which I have tried and it’s freakin good! But I must confess I’ve never had gel nails before so I don’t know what they are supposed to be like but its defo got something more going for it than just a normal topcoat for that something extra. I also got the Matt Topcoat and Express Dry Oil.

Each of the polishes have a fab neon glow to them, which is why they are fab for tans! Even without a tan like me, they give that über pop of colour to any mani! They have a slight matt finish, so for these I added a 1 coat of the Hyper Gel topcoat. I absolutely love Sun Hat! Being a pink girl it’s so bright and fun! Flip Flop for me is the one that is gonna scream out with a tan! ITS SOOOOOO NEON-TASTIC!!! Beach Bag I will most definitely be using to crate some summer nail art, looks like a perfect shade for a sunset ombre. 1 coat did the job in creating an opaque coverage, but I always paint my nails with 2 coats for that extra boldness.

I’d highly recommend these polishes, even if you aren’t planning on getting a tan, they are super bright and super fun! I love Models Own anyway so am excited to experiment with these and I will be doing some nail art using my Matt Effect topcoat soon too!

See ya,

x Jenny

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*all text and images by jenny boddy

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