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Hey Lovelies,

So you may or may not know that yesterday I got my 4th tattoo! It is by far the biggest tattoo I am probably ever gonna get! And I love it! I went to Rag & Bone in Norwich which is located upstairs in Phillip Browne Menswear! I am absolutely trilled with my tattoo, Wink, the amazing tattooist who has done all my other tattoos, put his spin on the roses design and its perfect! Not gonna lie it did hurt quite a lot this time, but was done in around 1 hr 10 mins, the outline taking the longest to do! My Mum also had her very first tattoo, a dandelion, again done by Wink, it looks so cute! And she is so pleased with it!

I know this won’t be my last tattoo, but I know the others from now on will be smaller in size! Tattoo’s aren’t for everyone, but if you like it and it means something to you then I’d say go for it! And if your unsure get some transfer tattoos and see if you like the look of a tattoo! Or like me, get them so you can cover them up! After all, they are for you and not just to show off!

See ya,

x Jenny

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