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5Co-ord, Select | Leather Jacket, Topshop | Sliders, Fenchurch via Bank Fashion | Jewellery, Topshop | Fedora, H&M

Hey Lovelies, this floral co-ord from Select is beautiful. I’ve never shopped in Select before, but there were lots of floral pieces in the window so I thought I’d have a look. I was pleasantly surprised. I love the comfiness of a co-ord and this one is like I’m wearing my pi’s, which is most definitely a good thing. Especially when you go out for lunch and have a starter, main course and pud! You need something a little slouchy. Pretty much everything in this outfit is new as of this week! Whoops! My new fedora hat is like my new favourite thing. I never suit hats but this one for some reason doesn’t look silly one me. It’s from H&M and wow, they have so many gorgeous pieces in there! My chunky sliders from Bank Fashion are another sale find, as I found out yesterday that the Norwich branch is closing down :( this makes me very very sad indeed. I know I can still shop online but there just something nice about walking into a store and actually seeing the clothes and seeing the different fabrics right there.

Oh and as you can see I ventured to a different location for this outfit shoot. I thought I’d take the opportunity of going out for lunch with the bestie to borrow her photography skills. And again she has captured everything spot on! Thanks Lauren :) (Lauren took the photos of me at London Fashion Weekend, in case you were wondering).

Have you got any new pieces recently? Would you dare wear such a match matchy co-ord?

x Jenny

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