Beauty: ‘Winterize’ your nails with Julep

Winter, it’s both a blessing and a curse! Especially when it comes to nail and hand care. Nobody wants dry unkept hands, I know I don’t. I also happen to work in a cafe so my hands are always exposed to all sorts of conditions, one being the dreaded washing up!! A nail break literally ruins my day, so keeping my nails healthy is key.

The lovely lot over at Julep (Thanks Abbey) have provided me with their secret (okay not so secret) guide ‘How to Winterize your nails’. You can see the full guide at the bottom of this post! This is just my take on how to make your nails ready for winter!
Firstly you are gonna want to get everything you need ready to go! That includes: nail clippers, nail file, shine + buffer file, top coat and base coat and your chosen nail colours.

My nails are a mid length at the moment as I recently did the ‘big chop’ to make them stronger and more even! So by now I’ve already applied some hand moisturiser and some cuticle cream to my nails and let that sink in. I’ve shaped my nails and I’m ready to go.


I went for a purple/grey/gold look as I’ve been rocking purple eyes lately and I think it’s just enough colour for the colder months where let’s be honest we all cocoon into our darker coloured outfits. I went for 2 winter looks depending on if you want a simple polka dot or something more striking.


I hope you have liked this post, I’m going to be doing my nail posts on a Friday from now on, reviews, new varnishes in my collection, my fave colours for each season, stuff like that. You can always print out this fab guide to keep and use not just during the winter months but all year round too for healthy hands and nails. Oh and while I’ve got you hear, new to Julep like me? Check out there new range of colours >here< I am loving ‘Cameron’ ‘Shelly and ‘Devon.

x Jenny

*This post is not sponsored, but information was sent to me so that it could be included in this post*



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