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2014 has been such a great year, I entered my 2nd year of blogging in March which is crazy! That I have stuck with something so long. But I love it, so its quite easy to see why I suppose! I turned 25!!! Pretty much an adult now, not that I feel it at all! I also did lots of fabulous things.

I went to London Fashion Weekend for my 2nd year in a row, it was while I was there in 2013 that I made the decision to start my blog, and wow, was it a great decision. I went this time with my bestie and we had the best time! Just being at Somerset House is always something I find really special, I love the cobbles and the whole vibe that it holds as a fashion venue. One day I’d love to go for London Fashion Week! Gosh wouldn’t that be amazing! (original post here)

I visited the V&A Museum to see one of the fashion collections, I had such a lovely time just strolling around and learning so much about the history of fashion. (original post here)

Living in Norwich does sometimes make it hard to get to events or shows but how amazing is it that we have our very own Norwich Fashion Week, I was able to go as a VIP to al of the shows which meant either being front or second row!! Being able to see the talent and amazing designs from those who either live or go to school here was so much fun! (original posts here, here and here)

I also attended the Blogger Programme Summer Party where I met blogging babes Leanne Lim Walker and Melon which for me was like a big deal as they are like blogging royalty! I also met up again with Claire and Charlotte. It was so nice to be around bloggers from the area and also meet brands too! (original post here)

I was also asked to cover the Topshop Student Event at the Norwich Store, where I was able have a personal style session, which was incredible! Being able to pick and choose from easy ‘style’ section and create looks to photograph! It’s like any girls dream! I was also allowed to use the 20% off they had on the night (I felt like an honorary student)! :) (original post here and styling session here)

This was the year I finally got see Katy Perry LIVE!!! I am such a mega fan, I even dressed up too! Multicoloured wig and all! Our seats were so freakin close to the stage too! I sang my heart out to every song, she was amazing! (original post here)

For me and my blog 2014 was quite a big year, I finally uploaded my outfits onto ASOS Fashion Finder and within a couple of weeks I had been chosen as a new member of their ‘BLOGGERS WE LOVE’ club! I’m still a newbie blogger and for the ASOS Fashion Finder Team to see my outfits and think they will inspire others is just so amazing and overwhelming :) it really does mean so much! I can’t wait to see what this years brings with ASOS FF! I also started writing for the Love Clothing blog as a weekly contributor, which I am so happy to tell you guys is continuing this year! So keep a look out every Monday for my latest post!

Last but not least, my Mum and I spent a sun soaked week in Tenerife and it was stunning. Being right next to Los Gigantes with such a breathtaking views it really was bliss. Also having my Birthday by the pool was something I never thought I’d do, it was the perfect day and a great break away from everything.

I hope you all had an amazing festive season and are enjoying what the New Year brings.

x Jenny



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