Nails: I wanna be a Wah! Girl

0 The Ultimate Nail Art Kit, WAHLONDON

To say I am a mega fan of WAHLONDON is a bit of an understatement. As you might have guessed from my last few nail posts. They were the first nail Instagram that I discovered and made me want to do kick ass nail art like they do. I get so inspired to try new nail designs and am just in awe of all of the girls that work there. So when I saw that their Ultimate Nail Art kit was now only £25 (still in some Boots stores and, I snapped it up in a flash. For any nail art lover or even someone who is wanting to expand their varnish collection, it’s really great value for money and has lots of extra bits to get you started with your nail art dreams.


First things first, the varnish. You get 7 amazing shades and a ‘Classy Glassy Topcoat’, I’ve swatched all of these further down. They are all incredible quality, with even a matte varnish and a gel effect varnish included in this set. Talk about mixing things up.


Now for the accessories, 4 nail art pens, black, white, yellow and my fave hot pink. I can’t wait to get started on even more elaborate nail designs with these, there also some cute nail jewels too for added bling. As this is essentially a nail art starter kit, they have some really great nail care products too, nail file, buffer, scissors and cuticle pusher. It’s great to have a mini set all in one place, I know I’m forever loosing my nail files and all that.


Some ‘How To’ cards to get you started on your nail art journey…




6 I’m Real | No Nails, No Life | An Even Bigger Splash

7 Wifey4Lifey | Mating Surfaces | Biters Beware | Love My Team

Last but not least, how can I not mention the amazing holographic graffiti case it all comes in. Perfect for when you ever have a manicure night round a friends or just to keep your nail varnish collection in.

I really hoped you liked this post, I can’t wait to get creating some nail art tutorials for you guys! Have any of you tried WAH LONDON?

x Jenny



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