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5 Yep, yep I know, I have a slight addiction to anything Wah!Nails or Wah!London! Who can blame me, when they are just so freakin cool! I have been a mega fan since forever and in my head I am as cool as the babes that work there!

I wanted something a little bit more ‘wow’ for my ‘Festive/New Years’ nails so I thought why not cheat and get some press on nails, they are super easy to apply and take your hands from bland to fab in minutes. I went for these mirrored metallic ‘The Wah Girl’ ones as I’ve never seen such a shiny metallic design before and I thought they would look all glam for New Years. They are so easy to put on, firstly you will need to pick the right size nail for each finger, I lay them out on my desk in order. The kit also comes with a nail file, and some double-sided stickies in various sizes. Now find a sticky to fit your nail, place onto nail and firmly press down onto it. Peel of the clear film and attach the chosen faux nail to it again holding it firmly securing it in place. Repeat for all the other nails. And voila! All done! Now I did leave my nails looking like bad ass sassy claws for a whole day, until, for me anyway, it became a little difficult to do things, so I did go back and file them down to a shorter stiletto shape. You can see the full claw look on my Instagram >here<

These lasted 5+ days, I say 5+ because I had to take them off after 5 days as I can’t wear these for work, but they were quite tough to remove so I could see them lasting for more. I think my next ones might be the nude ‘Don’t Touch’ they look so elegant and classic.

What do you think of these press on nails? Are you a fan of Wah!LONDON? If so, here’s a lil cheeky surprise, the Ultimate Nail Art Kit is now £25 on >>> SQUEALLLL <<< (click the squeal and enjoy)!!

x Jenny



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  1. January 16, 2015 / 7:38 pm

    I do fancy some bad ass nails, i’ve never really given press on nails a go! love these pics!! what camera do you use..? tweet me please x

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