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I like any girl has a bit of a love affair with makeup! Be it for a natural look or a classic smokey eye! I just love being able to create different looks. You really don’t need to spend a fortune on make up these days? But I have to admit it is nice to treat yourself on some more expensive loot. Which is why I’ve decided to show you my small collection of high end products from my 2 go brands. Benefit and Urban Decay! Just by adding a few more expensive products to your collection, just like a wardrobe will give you some pretty solid building blocks for any future purchases.

Firstly lets talk about:


Urban Decay for me anyway are really good for their palettes, especially the ‘Naked’ collection. I have Naked 3, which has lots of pinky/brown matte + shimmery shades, for lots of natural looks I’d say this is the eye shadow palette for you. I also have the ‘Smoked’ palette which as the name suggest is for creating many a smokey eye! These colours are also fab for making into statement eyeliner with a wet eye shadow brush.


Again I turn to Urban Decay for some of my base face products. I have lots of high street foundations and concealers on the go as I like to mix it up with what I wear depending on how good my skin is! Another from the ‘Naked’ Range is their amazing Naked Skin foundation. A really smooth foundation that with just 2/4 of a pump can give you complete coverage. I’ve know a bottle of this to last over 6 months! (I don’t know if that a good or bad thing but I’m gonna say its cost efficient). I always like a concealer that is gonna give mega coverage and last ALL DAY. The 24/7 Concealer really does do this. For those times when you have a really annoying spot this stuff covers it up in a flash. And finally not forgetting a great primer, Benefit Porefessional is super smooth and gives you a really great even canvas for your foundation, for someone like me who doesn’t have the most perfect skin this is a lifesaver.


Hello Benebabes! Yes my mascara for quite some time now has been a mixture of They’re Real and my current obsession Roller Lash! Benefit know how to do mascara! When They’re Real came out I got a mini version in my ELLE magazine and I went crazy for it! My eyelashes have never looked so full! I just had to get a full-sized one. And now the exact same thing has happened with Roller Lash, as soon as payday comes around I’m gonna get a full size version, my mini is running out. The really funky brush kinda moulds your lashes up so they look curled without having to go through the torture device of an eyelash curler! I have a full review >here<


Now I’m gonna be completely honest, I haven’t used my Benefit Browzings for quite a while. Saying that I’m still including it as it really is a great product to have in your collection for a rainy day. It comes with a wax, powder, mini brush and tweezers.


Its now time for an epic battle of gel and pencil! Just kidding, no battles here just 2 different ways to crete either a feline flick or a smoky line. The Benefit Push Up Liner is a game changer. For a really precise line I would recommend adding this to your stash of make up goodies. The Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner is not like a normal pencil it glides onto the eyelid so smoothly, you can create a great bold line or you can smudge it to add to a really smokey eye!

high end make up close ups

Have you seen any new products you might wanna go try? You know that you can go to any Benefit or Urban Decay counter and ask for a makeover? Or even just advise about the different products.

It’s not all about how much you spend on make up, its about building your collection to get what you want from them for your looks and style.

x Jenny



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