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I still smile whenever I think of my fab day at Ciaté HQ last month! I had such a lovely time, and got to spend it with my Mum too which is always nice. The lovely girlies at Ciaté also gave us tailor-made goody bags! With some perfect shades and nail care bits. I thought I’d show you the entirety of what we were given (as we share all these bits anyway).

I’m gonna start with the nail care bits. Ciaté have a really fab new range of products that help combat any nail woes you might have. I’m quite lucky in that my nails are pretty good, but it’s nice to have products available to care for your nail as I find sometimes they can be neglected.

ciate nail care close up Also something to mention, the cute packaging! Something a little more detailed than just a box.

NAIL SUPER HERO- If you suffer from bendy nails, this one is for you. I always like to put some nail hardener on just to maintain the strength of my nails. One of the great things about all of these treatments is that they are clear, so you can wear them to work (if you work where coloured nail varnish is not allowed).

NAIL GODDESS- Having one of those days/weeks/months where your nail are looking a bit blergh. This is the treatment for you, for fired out and tired nails this elixir just gives your nails a boost, brings out the natural pinkness to them for a neatly natural glow.

STATUS GROW- This is pretty self-explanatory, a treatment to help your nail grow! I’ve taken this from the website as I’m no expert in nail treatments, it contains a ‘multivitamin Keratin activator’, which helps improve your nails current state in order for them to grow more. It even has the cutest nail length tape measure thing on the bottle lid.

NAIL GYM- If the idea of picking a specific treatment is a bit daunting, I’d say Nail Gym is a bit of an all-rounder. Like going to the gym it kinda tones your nails and makes them stronger at the same time. Just that little boost you need for healthier looking nails.

Do you have problem nails? Have you found your perfect treatment from the Ciaté range? There are a few others too which can be found on their website >here<

x Jenny



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