glitter topcoat 1

Looking to update your mani? Don’t have time to do intricate nail art!? Then take a look at some of my fave glitter topcoats. An instant pick me up to your manicure.

glitter topcoat swatches L-R SEVENTEEN Monochrome & Bluetone | UMBERTO GIANNINI Glitter Ball | MODELS OWN Dancing Queen & Ibiza Mix | EXPOSE Glamour Puss

I’ve used a white varnish (Barry M Matt White) as a base to show off these topcoats, but of course you can use any colour you like. Bright oranges/yellows/pinks work really well for summer. I love the simplicity of the silver sparkles of the Umberto Giannini Glitter Ball. This combination over the white doesn’t really need to be changed. If you want a really glittery look you can use this topcoat over a silver polish.

The cute pink tones of Expose Glamour Puss looks fab over a nude varnish, I tend to have a couple of accent nails with this topcoat for a classic look with a girly twist.

Old favourites by Models Own are chunky and uber sparkly! These make for some fierce nails when 2/3 layers are applied.

glitter topcoat 2

For some subtle spots and dashes Seventeen Graffiti nails are my go to topcoats. When I was to add a little oomph to my mani they are the ones I turn too. I love the blue tint to Bluetone it looks super pretty over naked nails.

Do you use topcoats? Which do you like more? Sparkle, subtle or graffiti?


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