skinngdip pompom full Snake Skin Print/ Pom Pom phone case SkinnyDip for River Island

I have a very deep love affair for SkinnyDip London! Like seriously the last 6 phone cases of mine have been from there. Think bejewelled, faux fur, glitter, they cover pretty much every type of material for a phone case. They are really purse friendly too, this one is £12 and also comes in pink. Too cute. I decided to get the black version as I love how it looks with the gold hardware. Yes it may look a bit impractical but I LOVE IT! The pom poms are detachable so if I wanted I could always taken them off and add other charms to it, which is great for it being totally customisable.
skinnydip pompom

I still for now have my all over glitter case which I will be using for a while longer, I just like to have a new phone case on standby for when I want to change it. No hassle of having to wait for an online order or a trip into the city. It’s ready and waiting! Yep, I’m that lazy haha!

I can’t wait to visit SkinnyDip London’s new flagship store! Which opened this weekend! Will have to set myself a budget otherwise I will be buying everything!!

Have you got any SkinnyDip accessories you can’t live without?


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