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Today I’m going to talk about tanning. Specifically about getting a nice natural tan and up keeping it. I’m no tanning expert but I do love getting away and enjoying some lounging around a pool or a walk around exploring a sun filled city. I’ve messed things up from my tradition of always using Piz Buin, not to worry I do have some of that too, but I’m going to be talking about a more budget friendly buy in this post. At the moment in BOOTS Garnier’s Ambre Solaire is buy 2 for £11, which I think is a BARGAIN!!

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Getting the right sun tan lotion can be tricky, you buy one that looks great but sometimes you can find that even if you do apply it constantly throughout the day you still get sunburn!? You might be more in favour of creams, which are really good, I personally like the quickness of a spray lotion. Like this Ambre Solaire DRY MIST, I’ve tried it and it is such a fine mist it blends in so quickly and gives really good coverage. I’ve played it safe with factor 20, as I have some factor 15 in my Piz Buin for later on in the holiday.

As for the up keep, you have spent your holiday relaxing by the pool soaking in that sun for hours on end, you may not be physically doing lots but it does take a lot of work to get a decent tan. Gel moisturising After Sun’s are a firm summer holiday staple for me. And this one has Aloe Vera in, HELL YEAH! Give me that soothing Aloe Vera all day everyday. If you apply after sun every evening after you shower this by some magic locks in that tan you’ve worked so hard on for longer. Preventing your skin from flaking and dulling your tan.

Hope you are all having a fab week, as you may or may not know I am in Italy at the moment! You can keep up to date with all my ventures or as this post suggests sunbathing over on my Instagram with the hashtag #FFAFtravels.

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