HELLO 2016

bando planner full 2 desk PLANNER, BAN.DO via ASOS | PEN, SWAROVSKI | NOTEBOOK, TKMAXX

So, it’s almost 2 weeks into a brand New Year. And I’m ready to tackle this year with a new state of mind when it comes to blogging. It’s not about posting everyday for me anymore, I just couldn’t keep a schedule. So I’ve decided to post 3 times a week, maybe 3 days in a row, maybe every other day, who knows but 3 posts to me is manageable and I will still be able to create really great content and up my game!

I don’t really set resolutions but I was thinking the other day, how about blogging resolutions. Some little steps to take throughout the year to gain exactly what I want from this amazing platform.

note book insde

1. DON’T COMPARE MYSELF TO OTHERS: By the end of 2015 I found myself constantly scrolling through instagram and blogs getting a little disheartened by some of the things I saw. Silly of me I know. I’m creating my own path, not emulating someone else. Yes, I many post outfits or make up posts, but I do that because I want to and I really enjoy the creative side of it. It’s not groundbreaking but its something I love.

planner close up

2. DON’T STRESS SO MUCH: If I post 3 beauty posts in a row, so what! My blog may have started as mainly a fashion/style blog, but its grown over time to be a mixture of my style and beauty loves. I think every blog nowadays has a real mixture of style/beauty/life/food. That mix is what draws me into reading blogs, I like seeing who the blogger is, even if it is a little stylised, I’m not gonna say no to pretty locations.


3. KEEP ORGANISED: My boyfriend got me this mega cute Ban.do planner for Christmas and its already getting lots of use. Keeping everything organised be it with my blog or just life, this planner is the KEY! It’s got cute stickers, inspirational quotes and hidden messages too for instant pick me ups :) And to make it even more special I picked up a sparkly Swarovski pen to make it that little bit more special. Also my writing is always nicer with a fancy pen.

pen close ups

4. HAVE FUN: If its raining, no worries. Get those outfit shots another day! Bad lighting, oh to live in England, don’t fret, post a home haul or inso post instead. There will always be something that I’m loving and wanting to share so I should just go with it! JUST GO WITH IT!!

Have you got any blogging resolutions?

Heres to another amazing year <3


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