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Do you like being able to pick up a gorgeous lippy for a really great price? For them to be super pigmented and pack a punch with colour choice? Make Up Revolution are the brand for you! I’ve got 6 varied shades of lipstick to show you and I’m gonna talk about their really fab lip glosses too!

My Mum always tells me stories of how my Nan never left the house without lipstick on, (nowadays I’d say us lot never leave the house with brows!) I think my Nan would love the choice we have now with both brands to spurge on or brands to just go a bit crazy and buy like a whole bunch of colours to try. I sadly never knew my Nan but she knew what makes sense, I imagine we would have been lipstick twins!

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Make Up Revolution Lipsticks are only £1, so if you are wanting to build up a variety of shades for your collection a couple of these would be a great starting point. Suitable for all skin types there is a perfect shade for all. I love the bright orange and red, perfect for summertime to add some spice to your make up.

My favourite shades are the nude/pink hues, perfect for any occasion really or just as day-to-day lip colour. A subtle way to wear make up without having too much going on. The deep purple and bright purple I’d say are quite autumnal, and very vampy. The darker purple is such a rich shade which would look stunning on darker skin tones.

The overall quality of these lipsticks are surprisingly really good, especially if you think of how much they cost. I haven’t found them to be drying, they are super pigmented which means you get a great full colour from your initial application. In terms of reapplication, I find they do last for quite a while, especially for someone who chats loads like me.

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Now a quick mention of the lip glosses, I don’t wear them enough to be honest with you guys. Also at £1 you’d be silly not to try at least 1! They have them in both a tube with applicator and a squishy tube?!?! How on earth do you describe one of those! They are really hydrating and really really shiny, perfect for that pretty pout. The red gloss looks so lush layered over the red lipstick to really have that wow factor.

Have I tempted you with adding to your lip product collection? Would you want to see more amazing budget friendly products from Make Up Revolution? Let me know!

You can shop both products from the links below:

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