I know what you’re thinking, another review of the Kylie Lip Kit, but I personally love reading about it. It’s taken the beauty world by the storm! I for one can’t wait to see what else she has to offer. Have you seen the metallic range! OMG!

Let’s start at the beginning. How I managed to get this ‘hot off the shelf’ lip product.


After having tried only one time before to get ‘Dolce K’ (it was in my basket and then it SOLDOUT) I thought I’d wait for the next restock and be PREPARED. I created my account with all my details; dress + card details, to save time when I did finally make my purchase. Nobody wants to be fumbling around looking for a bank card in the middle of tonight in a panic.

The next restock happened to be at 12 midnight here in the UK on a Monday! Ergh, goodbye early night! So at around 11.55 pm I loaded up the KylieCosmetics website and waited. I hit refresh from around 11:58 just in case they went online early. As soon at the clock ticked over 00:00 I added Dolce K to my basket and made the quick decision to try to get Candy K as well. It wasn’t even 00:01 so it was worth a try… Success, PROCEED TO CHECKOUT, the stage where it all went wrong in my pervious attempt.

Yes.. now to continue with payment and processing… this is where I had to keep refreshing the page over and over til it got to the processed page. (It did prompt me to do this as it was so busy on the site at the time, Kylie would go on to snapchat saying there were about 100,000 people on the site!). And with that it was all done! Now the waiting game. 10-15 days to be precise. For the Lipgloss it was by total chance I was scrolling through twitter one evening just before 9pm and they tweeted that the glosses were going live at 9, I thought I’d check out the price first to see it is was worth it ( I will talk about price later on). The price was alright with me so… hello Literally lipgloss!


packagin lipkit 2

Whats in the box? You get a lipliner and a liquid lipstick. They advise to use these products together for the full effect but you can easily mix and match with other lipsticks if you want or use them on their own. The lipgloss is a solo product of just that.

I say this all the time but I do have quite thin lips, and I was under no illusion that these lip kits were gonna turn mine into lips like Kylie’s, I generally just loved the colours and that they are a matte liquid lipstick. The liquid lipstick consistency is quite wet, which makes it really nice to apply to your lips, a little really does go a long way which is really great as the tube is full to the top with product. The whole idea of a lip liner is quite new to me, as I don’t really line my lips, it is however super creamy and smooth. I tried it out as I wanted to test out the whole kit. It really helped when creating a slightly fuller more symmetrical top lip.

I’ve worn Candy K a few times now for long periods and have only had to reapply it a couple of times throughout the day. The staying power is super strong even after eating or drinking its pretty much still there. I don’t find it dries my lips out, it dries to the touch in a matter of seconds. I have only tried Dolce K once, and that stuff did not move! It look quite a while to remove with a face wipe. Which in my eyes is great, a long-lasting matte lipstick! Yes please.

The lipgloss in shade Literally is a really smooth and glossy? lipgloss, the colour is so perfect for any skin tone. I don’t really know what else to say about it other than it’s a winner in my eyes.


The price without delivery is $29 which is £19.95 which for 2 lip products (Liquid Lipstick + Lip Liner) which is not too bad so basically £10 each. The lipgloss is $15 which is £10 again I don’t think thats too far away from the prices of some high-end lip glosses. The one thing that could sway you on making a purchase is the shipping cost with is $14.95 ( a little over £10). So for 2 lip kits with the shipping it was just over £52 a bit of an extravagant purchase, but I think worth the money.

lipkit candyk dolcek literally swatches

L-R Dolce K Liquid Lipstick + Lip Liner | Candy K Liquid Lipstick + Liner | Literally Lipgloss

It seems that there have also been some negative reviews about the products, and I for one have found it really interesting to see the response if any from Kylie Cosmetics. But I’m not going to dwell on the negatives as I’ve been lucky with a no hassle lip kit experience.

I hope this has been an informative and a closer look at the Kylie Lip Kits, now that they have been out for a while fingers crossed it will become slightly easier to get these products in the next restock.


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