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I am a huge supporter of Ciaté, their nail polishes are some of the best out there. They pack a punch with colour and the formula has proper staying power. So I thought it would be nice to show you one of their mini collections in collaboration with Olivia Palermo. The Fashion Edit is a section of 4 mini bottles of nail varnish that represent the 4 main fashion cities around the world! The cities are London, Milan, Brooklyn and New York. Palermo has worked together with Ciaté to create a really fun collection that I just adore.

I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at one of the colours from this collection when I visited their HQ last year! It’s one of my favourites.

ciate fashion edit 2ciate fashion edit 1

The packaging is super cute, covered in an art deco print which includes all of the nail varnish clouds and a luxurious gold. It’s very elegant and looks really cute on a desk for decorations too when you need them to hand.  The bottles are also really cleverly designed so you can easily hold them with the curved edge next to your thumb so the bottle is following the shape of your hand. Something I also picked up from my HQ visit! This is for easy application on the go and not having to worry about knocking over the bottle! Something I think we all know too well! Am I right?

ciate fashion edit sundays ciate fashion edit napavalley

‘Sunday’^                                                                                                     ‘Napa Valley’^

ciate fashion edit hutch ciate fashion edit brooklyn

‘Hutch’^                                                                                               ‘Brooklyn’^

SUNDAY- Sunday represents Milan, it’s the last Fashion Week of the seasons so its time to lighten up and have a really cute pretty barley there pink to finish off the season. This is also the shade I got to have a sneaky look at while at Ciaté HQ, I was so excited to get a first glimpse!

NAPA VALLEY- Napa Valley embodies the sultry vibes from Paris Fashion Week, the shade depicted on the packaging is a little darker that the actual polish, but I have to say I prefer this deep plum purple.

HUTCH- Hutch represents New York, the hustle and bustle of a busy and fashionable city, its not a full on red it has some orange tones when in some lights. This is going to be one of my GO TO summer shades.

BROOKLYN- Brooklyn is the darkest shade and represents London Fashion Week, get ready for some grunge and grit on the London FROW, its also a perfect autumnal shade when our make up goes a little darker and grungy.

You can shop singles of these polishes on their website here> ciaté you can also find OliviaPalermoxCiateLondon stocked on as well!

I just love mini collections of nail varnishes, and with Ciaté being a really fab brand I hope you indulge with some of there nail varnishes, you won’t be disappointed.



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