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I have found, hands down the coolest hotel in London.Whenever my boyfriend and I go to London we love to make our stay a little more luxurious, it being long distance and all. Let me introduce you to Citizen M Bankside. After scrolling through various travel websites, I stumbled upon this quirky looking ‘arty’ hotel. Located on London’s Southbank, just a stones throw away from Borough Market sits this eclectic bustling hotel. The nearest tube stations is London Bridge which is about 5 mins walk away, the perfect location when travelling around central London.

Right from when you walk in you can sense the high-tech vibes and how modern this hotel really is. With self check in computers and being able to create your own room keycard. Then it’s straight on up to your room. With rooms starting from £109 best get booking!


The rooms are all identical, they have a large king size bed, a vanity unit, fridge, safe and the bathroom has a really cool LED light show and a rain shower! You control the whole room with an iPad. It may seem like there isn’t a lot in the room but there is plenty of space and the whole concept is really great. There is also a fridge that is full of yummy drinks and snacks totally included in the room price. Another thing that Citizen M has is these little quotes everywhere – citizen M says:get together.

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Like I mentioned earlier the room is controlled with an iPad, you have a selection of on demand movies + radio stations. You even control the temperature, blinds and the colours of the LED lights in the bathroom. And oh yes, I always have a pink bathroom when I’m in there!

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The hotel is as far as I can see immaculate with its decor and vibe. There are communal seating areas, with eclectic art books and newspapers to read. Something a little different to the norm. One of the many favourite features of this hotel is the light installation over the seating area. You could call this an art gallery at times, with a really interesting spiral staircase as you walk in.

There is plenty of space to work if that’s why you are visiting to, with free wifi throughout the hotel you can get lots done, or even just checking on your fave instagram posts.

During our last visit we made use of their 24hr canteen, by ordering 2 pizzas around midnight after we arrived back with our friends who were also staying there! This was about midnight and they didn’t bat an eyelid. At £9 each, I’d say that’s a pretty decent price of a pizza in London. They also have a breakfast option which I thought I’d mention, we have yet to have breakfast at the hotel as there is a Breakfast Club just up the road but it all looks really nice. A selection of hot and cold options.

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I really hope you have found this review useful, and it makes you want to book a stay at Citizen M, it really does need to be experienced first hand. If you don’t fancy taking a trip to London and fancy another location, fear not they have hotels in Glasgow, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Paris and New York. All with the same key room ideas and art/designs works that reflect the city they are located. Like seriously, get me on a plane right now, I want to experience them all!! You can go to their website to book your adventure in a new city and have the best stay at a place that’s more like a home than a hotel.

Check out to get your next adventure started.

Have you ever stayed at a Citizen M before? What did you make of your stay? Let me know in the comments below




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