WARNING! This post is photo heavy! Prepare to see lots of my new pinterest worthy room! Ha! I joke! It’s just my bedroom!

Today is the day you get to see my new and improved bedroom! Not that I really shared much of it before the makeover, but it’s finally finished and thought I’d show it off! My room was never awful it just wasn’t the bedroom I had always dreamed of. ROOM TOUR 3So I saved and saved and planned out my ideal room, thanks pinterest!

Over a few months with the help of my Mum and Dad (painting and some sorting) I have created a space that I adore. The bulk furniture is in, bed, wardrobe, desk etc. and I’m taking my time getting everything in its new home. Streamline would be the perfect word to use, a great way to get rid of things you REALLY don’t need.

My room used to have one wall a turquoise blue and the others cream, it’s quite a narrow room so light didn’t really travel too far and with the blue it always seemed really dark. I had a double wardrobe and a single bed (yes a single bed, which makes for more space), and a desk that now I think about it was WAY TO BIG for what I actually needed. I had one of those fabric shoe racks and a chest to put my boots in. The whole configuration was quite on top of each other, a place I would enjoy spending my time just not the best it could be.

A lover of pinterest I forever pinned the rooms I loved the look of, more simple and neutral. A great place to get inspiration! If you are ever going to makeover a room, I highly recommend creating some boards with ideas and inspiration.

Everything is pretty much from IKEA, apart from the bed which is from Bensons for Beds. I know some people aren’t too keen on IKEA but I thought the pieces I have chosen they were really good value. Now I have them and have helped put them together are really strong ass pieces of furniture, like they ain’t moving anytime soon!

Oh and I also need to get some curtains! Ha ha! I’m using a pretty scarf at the moment! How boho of me!

Now sit back and have a nosey at my room! I hope you like what you see and maybe it’ll inspire you to give your room a makeover.


I adore my new desk area, I’ve combined my MICKE desk and a KALLAX unit to have a corner ish desk with storage too. I have a combination of fabric box storage and files. I use the files to keep my fave magazines in, that I am always going to for inspiration. But lets also be honest they are mainly ones that have Katy Perry as the cover! I just love her so much!! The bits on my desk at the moment include my beaut illustration by the lovely Helen, my newest addition of my little My Flash Trash Bin, my changeable lightbox from Berry’s and grey and my cute adipose Pop figure that my bf got me! How cute is he!


The other bit of my room that is a total love of mine is my shoe storage. It’s simply an IKEA BILLY bookcase that I am just using to store my shoes, nothing fancy at all.

It has made picking out shoes so much easier. It comes with 5 shelves, which for now is doing the job, but I will need to get some more so I don’t have to pile my flats on top of one another. I do have a bit of an obsession with shoes, so having this more stable storage was really important to me when redecorating my room.

Another thing that was a must was a bigger wardrobe, by just having one more ‘single’ section has made the world of difference, and it really doesn’t show in the size of things. The mirrored door is really handy too for making sure I don’t look too ‘got dressed in the dark’ before I leave.

Now, my room still has some bits that need to be added, like I am planning on some photo shelves about my desk to put some of my prints that I’ve gathered, the gigantic butterfly one is going behind my bed. I also need a new computer chair which is why I haven’t included my current one in any of the photos as it is a bog standard black swivel chair! But that’s exciting as I can update you guys on these additions when they happen!


ROOM TOUR 2Bringing colour to my room is the fun part of having the whole room completely white. You can change it up whenever you like, at the moment I’ve gone for pinks and greys, which look so cute together. Over the summer maybe a more tropical vibe will take over from the dusky tones.

I really hope you have enjoyed getting to take a tour of my room. I will be doing more interior posts on here, not that I’m an expert or anything I have just really enjoyed the whole process of my room make over.

Is there anything in particular you would be interested in seeing a post about? Let me know in the comments below!




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