Valentino Rockstud Dupes

valentino dupes1

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I love the classic look of the Valentino Rockstud. (1) With a price tag a girl can only dream about (£585) I have found some more purse friendly alternatives to fill that rockstud whole in your life! (2) the Lodi flats are so chic and adorable, the more expensive of the 3 dupes I found. (3) These Topshop flats are the closest in the look, and feel of the Valentino Rockstuds. (4) Dune are becoming one of my favourite places for shoes, these are a very good reason as to why! Just look at them.

Any of these flats will go with some classic blue skinny jeans and a white floaty shirt or you can pair them with a pleated skirt and bardot top.

Happy shopping for your perfect pair!


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