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With summer days just around the corner the last thing you want is for your make up to be melting off your face half way through your day out.

Choosing the right setting spray can be a proper chore! Which is why I’ve given myself the task to help you decide which is better, or which appeals to your purse more. It’s my ‘SETTING SPRAY DUPES’ post. I’ve gone for my fave high street brand which is L’Oreal, and on the other end of the scale high-end favourite Urban Decay.

setting spray comparisonLets start with the price, the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray is the travel size one, 30ml at £9. The full size is 118ml at £22.  A little goes a long way so if you are wanting a high-end purchase to try out then the travel size is the right choice for you.

The L’Oreal Infallible Fixing Mist on the other hand is a fraction of the price, at only one size 100ml at £7.99, a purse friendly budget if you ask me. It’s also called a ‘fixing mist’ which sounds quite luxurious if you ask me.

They both have staying power, I work in a coffee shop and am around ovens, dishwashers and coffee machines, lots of extra heat to deal with and my make up stays put all day long.

With the overall ‘finish’ to the products the Urban Decay dries a bit quicker than the L’Oreal. While the L’Oreal Fixing Mist needs too be shaken more vigorously, as the bottle is a little translucent so you can still see some of the formula floaty around, just like you would if you haven’t shaken an orange juice enough!

Both products have a generic smell, quite fresh but not overpowering, so no need to side step after you’ve applied it to avoid being gassed out! The Urban Decay spray I use in a X shape across my face for best coverage, the L’Oreal Setting spray has a slightly more powerful pump so 2 pumps one on top of the other gives really good coverage.

I hope this has helped with your choice of high-end or high street? Both are top quality products, it just depends on whether you are wanting to have a cheeky splurge or not. I highly recommend both these and they are great additions to my make up collection.





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