Just a few thoughts on this months Elle Magazine freebie! Which is the new Benefit Liquid Hoola ‘Dew The Hoola’! I think at one time or another we have either owned or borrowed someones Hoola bronzer! I know I have (thanks Mum). It’s a holy grail beauty product that is loved by all! It really does suit everyone. Now, let’s get right into chatting about Dew The Hoola!

HOOLA PACKAGING HOOLA FULLYou heard me right, their amazing Hoola has been revamped into liquid form. A little really does go a long way. Don’t go pumping out too much of this otherwise you will be GLOWING! This mini is going to last quite some time I think.

It has quite a nice matte finish and blends really nicely. I tested it on my hand for you to see (below) it as I have yet to get a decent photo of me actually wearing it. But you can see from the swatch it creates a really nice bronzed look without it being too much.

And can we talk about the packaging! The full size bottle is a lush gold colour, but even this mini bottle is super cute. And the outer packaging is just WOW! Summer vibes, metallic and tropical themed! That’s my kind of graphics right there!


You can still get your hands on this mini version of the Benefit Dew The Hoola, with this months Elle Magazine (The one with Kristen Stewart on the cover), to see how you get on with it before you splash out on the full size. Also you get to read Elle Magazine too which is a double win.

Are there any other liquid bronzers worth the a look at? I’ve used powder for so long now I would love to know of others!


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