This post is all about change. A little more personal than I would normally write, but it is something I would like to incorporate more into my blog, so why not start here?!

Today I completed my final day at work, a place that has been my safe place for 5 years. I graduated from The University of Lincoln with a 2.1 Hons degree in Media Production in 2011. I left with wide eyes about getting my DREAM media job. I think we all leave Uni with rose-tinted glasses thinking we are going to fall into our perfect job right away and be an instant success. Well, that was what was in my head. After sending CV after CV to various media companies in Norwich, I wasn’t ready to leave home just yet, but with the BBC down the road I continued to send hundreds of emails. With no luck I headed off to the job centre. Literally the most heartbreaking place ever! I hated it; knowing I had been trying to find a job that was perfect for me, and all the person behind the desk could say is “that couldn’t be true”, and then trying to steer me down a completely different route.

Then… some luck at last! A Cafe had just opened at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, where my Mum works. I popped down and straight up asked for an interview, a week later I was sat there being interviewed in this quiet Cafe…

The following week was my graduation! Happy times all around, getting to see friends again who are now all scattered around the country. Also, knowing I might have job when I got back home was exciting. I started the following Monday.

For me, this cafe job was only ever going to be for 6 months or so. Just enough for me to save up some money while I continued to apply for media jobs…


Now here we are 5 years later. I’ve been there since the beginning and have seen the cafe grow and grow, making some amazing friends along the way. We really are a great team who are friends as well as colleagues. With many a night out,BBQ round the bosses house and Xmas meals out! As far as a pretty stereotypical mundane job goes, I well and truly hit the jackpot! It’s been the only job I have ever known working full-time with the same people and regular customers. So when a new exciting opportunity appeared, saying YES was quite daunting!

I know right, it should be easy, a really fab opportunity that encompasses all the things you like as well as being in a shop you ADORE. Change is always something we shy from, but stepping out of my comfort zone is exactly what I need right now!

Most people leave their job because they don’t like it, I’m leaving to become even more of who I am supposed to be. I’ve grown as much as I can from my ‘who am I kidding 6 months’ job, now to get out there and show everyone who I really am!

So, where am I going to be working I hear you ask! Well, I am so thrilled to announce that I am joining the Berrys and Grey team in Norwich! You guys must know by now I LOVE that shop! Now I get to be a part of it, to fully become a Berrys and Grey gal, to live and breathe it! Also, exciting news that I will be launching their blog and creating some fab content for you guys; think inspiration posts, how to style, new in, new finds, new trends… the possibilities are endless for our content. I can’t wait to get stuck in, getting to know the shop and all the gorgeous pieces we have to offer. As well as getting involved with workshops too.

This is a new stage in my life. I know to some its just another retail job, but to me its something that I can really get passionate about, somewhere that I can just be myself, being creative and quirky. Getting to be the real me. My life at the Cafe was great, and such a huge learning curve, but now it’s time to move on. I can’t wait to share my goings on at my new job. And share great blog content on the Berrys and Grey Blog too!

So GOODBYE Cafe Pure, its been a hell of a ride over the last 5 years! And HELLO to Berrys and Grey. My chance to grow even more as a person and open doors to all the possibilities out there for me!

Lets do this!


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