loreal mask trio

Skincare has been a major blog topic lately, I promise I will post some style stuff soon! Just haven’t felt too confident with my body to take any proper outfit photos. But my skin on the other hand has been looking much better! One of the reasons is because of the L’Oréal Clay Masks.

I’ve mentioned these on Instagram and Snapchat but not compiled a post on them until now. I’m pretty sure you’ve seen these masks floating around on instagram and other social media, thats exactly where I first saw them. And I just NEEDED to give them a try. I do not regret hunting them down. You don’t have to purchase all 3 but I would highly recommend it, each mask does something different so you can use them individually if you like. I like to use one singular one, and a mix (so that’s twice a week).

loreal mask packaging loreal mask swatch

Before these masks I normally use a mud mask, you know, one of those that you squish out of the packaging. And it used to make my skin feel nice but compared it doesn’t really do too much as it’s based around all types of skin. L’Oréal have used their magic in the beauty kitchen and create 3 types of masks to cater for different areas of the face + skin type.

DETOX: Charcoal, great for congested normal skin. I use this where I break out, to give my skin a real detox, and for when I’m having a really bad skin day I use it all over. Really does clear out your skin leaving it feeling fresh.

GLOW: Red Algae, it brightens dull skin and exfoliates,this mask has a gritty texture which feels really nice when you are applying it to the skin.

PURITY: Eucalyptus, this is THE ONE for oily skin, it gives a really nice matte finish to any shiny areas. This is a super smooth mask that applies quite thick but does smooth out nicely!

A favourite combination that I like to use is, DETOX on my nose and T Zone, GLOW on my chin and PURITY everywhere else.

loreal mask flatlay

As for applying, I like to use a brush just to keep it neat and a way to control how much product I use. But you can use your fingers too! Just gets a little messy, especially the charcoal one! I have no set way I multi-mask just depends how my skin is feeling. The L’Oréal Skin Instagram (here) is always posting fab mini vids or sharing ways to use them if you are unsure.

Will you be Multi-Masking with the L’Oréal Clay masks? I’d love to know how you get on with them!


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