oval brushes

I’ve seen these oval make up brushes doing the rounds on Instagram for quite a while now, so I had a closer look into what these giant oversized toothbrush like brushes were all about. The most common ones are by a company called Artis, and the largest brush is around £50 which is a tad too pricey for my liking. I thought I’d have a search around for a cheaper alternative just incase I didn’t get along with them, then I haven’t gone and thrown away my money.

Good old Amazon, I found this beaut ROSE GOLD 10 PIECE SET for £13.99 by a company call NeverLand Beauty UK. They were free delivery which is always a nice surprise, the only slight negative was the wait time of delivery, being up to 4 weeks. But for the price you can easily forgive having to wait a bit. I did anyway as they weren’t a MUST HAVE RIGHT NOW purchase. More curiosity than anything.

They arrived ahead of their 4 week window which was a nice surprise, I wondered what the large parcel was in the post box. Having completely put it to the back of mind knowing when I purchased they would take some time to arrive.

oval brushes close up oval brushes packaging

From first look they are exactly what are advertised, which is always good, especially from a brand you’ve never heard of, and when they are as cheap as these. I had read some reviews on these saying that the brushes were dusty but mine seemed pretty perfect.

One thing that I would have liked is maybe a leaflet with ideal uses for each brush as with some of the smaller ones, I’m still forgetting if its for eyeshadow or lips.

Because I have no idea what the Artis brushes are like in comparison this is more of a review about these individual brushes rather than how they compare.

The larger brushes are VERY flexible, I am a little concerned they may snap if I was to put enough force being it. So I recommend steadying the brush head when applying your base or foundation. Other than that, they blend so flawlessly, it does take a while to get used to not buffing in your foundation, and instead glide the brush over your skin. Trying not to lift it off as often.

The smaller brushes are just too cute. When you eventually get used to their subtle differences, eye makeup takes on a whole new name! Blending becomes so quick an easy! And getting a cute flick with your eyeliner takes practise but it definitely pays off.

If you are looking for a nice set of oval make up brushes for a really decent price, then I’d say these are for you. They do take some getting used to but they do their job well and you can always use them in conjunction with your other brushes to mix things up in your make up routine.




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